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Make your kitchen photography more clickable

One way to showcase a kitchen and attract new clients is through fantastic photography. If you are an estate photographer, you must produce the highest quality of pictures. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. And they are absolutely right! 

If you want to make your pictures clickable, then it is your job to highlight the spaces that will make the home get the interest of potential buyers. Most of the time, the kitchen is the most favourite part of the house. Capturing amazing photos requires more than just a camera and a tripod. There are steps you need to take to make your pictures stand out and have your audience click on them.


In the whole process of kitchen photography, the most critical part is the preparations. You need to walk through the area and get yourself familiar with the elements of the kitchen. This way, you can plan on how to best approach it when it’s time to take pictures. 

It doesn’t mean you have to spend hours checking every corner of the room as well as familiarising every detail. It means that you need to have a better understanding of the best features of the kitchen, which you can show in your photos and make the selling point. If you have knowledge about the subject you’re capturing, then it will show in your photos, and you will be able to deliver the best images.

You also have to consult with your client if there is a specific feature that they want to highlight. Maybe they want to showcase their kitchen benchtop made from natural stone which they got from caesarstone sydney. Or perhaps they want you to take pictures of their upgraded cabinets. Other features that are worthy of close-up are lighting and appliances. However, do not stick with taking close-ups, you also need to deliver a wider view picture so that potential buyers will get a layout of the space and will have an idea how space looks like as a whole.

Natural lights

When it’s’ time to take pictures, maximise the use of natural lighting. Open the windows, blinds or curtains to allow more natural light into the kitchen. This can help you achieve the most wonderful photos of the kitchen space. When it comes to photography, lighting matters most. Using overhead light is okay but if there is a way of letting natural lights to come in, then take advantage of it. Open the windows or doors in conjunction with the lights from the chandelier or lamps. Take a picture of the kitchen when the lights are turned on and take a picture when the lights are turned off. Sometimes, one will look way better than the other.

It’s a must to do your photography session during the day. Taking pictures at night and only using light bulbs won’t give you nice shots. You won’t be able to showcase the kitchen by taking pictures at night. So wait for daylight and get to work. Timing is everything.


Every photoshoot needs styling. This goes the same way for kitchen photography. Show some care to your subject by making sure that it’s clean and tidy. To give it the best styling, select the right props and keep it simple. Work with materials that will work together with the overall style of the kitchen. You can add a basket of fruits and place it on the countertop, or you can place fresh flowers to give the kitchen a sense of life. Choose props that will give your photos a welcoming or homey touch.…

Top Reasons Why You Should Always Take Photographs Of Your Rental Car

Top Reasons Why You Should Always Take Photographs Of Your Rental Car

If you are in a foreign place or you are at home, and your car is out of commission perhaps in a repair shop, you may need to lease a rental car from car hire brisbane to meet your transportation needs. If you have searched the web for car rental tips, you may have come across recommendations to take photographs of your rental car. Wondering why? Continue reading this article for detailed explanations on why you should take pictures of your leased car.

Pictures freeze moments in time. By taking photographs, you will be documenting the actual state of your car at the time of leasing. If there is any damage on the inside your car, you can prove that it was there before when returning the vehicle if you have photographic proof. Photographs essentially give you peace of mind that there will be no arguments with the leasing company at the time of return.

Even the most careful and proficient drivers sometimes get involved in road accidents. If you are involved in a collision and want reimbursement for damages to the rental car from an insurance company, any photographs you had taken of the rental car before the accident will help in the assessment of the extent of damages.

It is also essential to take pictures of your car for safety purposes, especially when you are driving in a foreign area. In case of any unfortunate event, it will be easier to trace your whereabouts if people who care about you have as much information as possible on the kind of vehicle you were driving.

Top Areas To Focus On When Taking Photographic Documentation

When taking photos of your car, do not just focus on the colour of the vehicle. It is also important to remember that rental companies are not your friends. Only because they advertise that the ‘client is king’ doesn’t mean that they can not take any opportunity that avails itself to squeeze an extra buck from you.

To avoid disputes with your car leasing company and to avoid getting saddled with the cost of damages that you did not cause, focus on taking photographs of the following areas.

  1. Exterior

Carefully check all over the exterior of the car you are about to lease for scratches and dents. If you notice any damage, however small, take a photograph.

You should also take photos on the current state of tires, mirrors and aerial antenna.

  1. Interior

On the interior of the car, record the insurance details of the car and the current fuel reading. Additionally, turn the ignition on and record the displays on the engine dashboard. If the car has any engine issues before you lease it, you will have evidence should the management try to lay responsibility for repairs on your shoulders.

It is also right that you photograph the state of the car seats. If there are any stains on the seat covers already, you will be able to avoid the cleaning cost should the leasing company try to finger the blame on you.

The best thing about photographic evidence is that is it offers you protection. Ideally, you should take a combination of photos and videos before putting pen to paper on the lease papers.

Why Orchards Are Ideal For Photography Today?

Why Orchards Are Ideal For Photography Today?

People that love to take pictures are into photography. Photography is something that they want to do at any given time. They want to be able to take great photos that have some meaning to them so that they can put them in albums, hang them on walls in picture frames or use them in professional business. Since many people want to find great places to take pictures in, they should consider visiting orchards for great picture-taking opportunities.

The Orchards And Photography

As a person wanders about an orchard, they will be among nature at its finest since there are many different aspects to an orchard that are worth taking pictures. The way that the trees grow and the buds and fruits that hang from them are exquisite. The colors are brilliant when the sun is shining, so a person will want to get lots of great pictures up close and from far away.

Sights Are Unreal

When the weather is changing, and the clouds come rolling in, a photographer can capture all sorts of intricate designs in the sky as well as on the land. Most orchards are flat, but there are many with hills too. These provide for great backdrops against an enormously exciting sky. This is all a part of picture taking, and people love that they have all of these great options to choose

Animals Are Plenty In Orchards

Wildlife will be all around the orchards, and people can really get up close to enjoy it. Insects are very common in the orchards, and they make for fantastic pictures as they land on the fruits and buds on the trees. Using specialized lenses for a person’s camera will allow them to make all types of special effects with the pictures that they are taking. The wildlife and nature will combine to give a variety of options for creating great videos too. The beauty of the movement can be captured in this way for personal or professional uses.

When Going To The Orchards For Photography

It’s a good idea to be prepared when going to orchards for photography. A person should make sure that they bring along a water bottle and snacks for refreshment. They should also have their cell phones for emergencies. Since they will be taking pictures, they will want to have all of their camera gear with them too. They can carry their items in a backpack so that their hands are free to take pictures as they make their way through the orchard. It’s essential that they wear comfortable shoes so that they are able to walk a lot and wear a jacket or coat if they are visiting the orchards during the colder months.

Photographers know that orchards provide them with a lot of great fodder for their next great picture. They should visit them as often as they possibly can. In all the different seasons, there are plenty of great times to take photos that will turn out beautifully.

Incorporating flowers into a photograph stimulates a deeper emotional connection to nature. Flower delivery in penrith is known for creating beautify flower designs that can add more meaning to your photo session. …

Fabulous Venues and Settings For Wedding Photography

The UK has plenty of the most beautiful venues for weddings that are a photographers dream to work in. A search for the right venue will reveal a wedding venue wonderland with jaw-dropping locations that are that offer wonderful real estate photography. You can personalize your venue to suit your wedding style and preferences with locations such as ‘Castle,’ ‘Luxury,’ ‘Country,’ ‘Rustic,’ ‘Barn,’ ‘Country Mansion,’ ‘Coastal,’ or anything else that will provide the best setting for your wedding photographs. Below are some of the most amazing wedding venues that will make stunning backdrops for your wedding photographs.


Lough Eske Castle
This five-star fairytale castle located just outside Donegal Town in Ireland will make a bride feel like a princess, and the beautiful castle and its gardens will forever be captured in your photographs.

Sudeley Castle
Expect to be attended like royalty in this historic Tudor style castle that was once the home of Henry VIII’s last wife situated in the unique Cotswold Valley in Gloucestershire. The spectacular gardens and architecture of the castle make a perfect setting for weddings and great photographs.

Amberley Castle
This beautiful medieval castle with ancient stone walls and views of the nearby village from its towers has 12 acres of gardens, complete with alpacas and peacocks. Situated in West Sussex this dramatic venue has an amazing range of options for wedding photographs.


The Keeper & The Dell
Situated in Norfolk, this wonderfully secluded outdoor venue located in a lovely woodland dell features a traditional marquee with unique settings like an 18th-century gamekeeper’s cabin and wood barn that look delightful in photographs.

Caswell House
The Cotswolds offers breath-taking scenery with a unique ambiance derived from the perfect mix of rustic scenery and romantic grounds. Caswell House is a perfect wedding venue for those who love the integration of romance with rustic charm.

River Cottage
Situated on the banks of the Dartmoor River this stunning outdoor wedding venue offers a bespoke marquee, an open-sided stone and oak barn, outdoor rooms with glass ceilings, and a luxury 18th-century honeymoon cottage.

South Farm
This is the perfect venue for a quintessential country wedding in Hertfordshire in a charming restored home with an exquisite summerhouse and gorgeous gardens.


Gainsborough Bath Spa
Two splendid Grade II listed houses with distinguished Victorian and Georgian facades dating back to the 1800s and situated on a World Heritage Site in Bath makes this fabulous wedding venue highly popular for wedding receptions and fabulous photographs.

Brunswick House
This lofty Georgian central London landmark features paneled rooms filled with beautiful antiques, magnificent fireplaces, sparkling crystal chandeliers and glazed, brilliant-cut entrance ways that are spectacular to behold.

The Dolls House
This fine location in London close to the Islington Town Hall is glamorous and truly unique making it a superb venue for a wedding reception.


Foxhill Manor
This private manor house hotel is one the of most impressive venues in Cotswold for wedding receptions. The highlight of the manor is its spectacular ballroom that opens directly onto terraced gardens with fabulous views of the Vale of Evesham.

Hedsor House
This delightful exclusive-use Georgian mansion in Buckinghamshire is situated on 100 acres of private land and offers a unique 24-hour stay-over option for guests with a cocktail bar and nightclub lighting that offers a nice break from traditional wedding venues.

No matter what your wedding venue preferences you are sure to find just the right one from the hundreds of wonderful options available to wedding couples that will make your wedding reception fabulous and your photographs truly memorable.…