Top Reasons Why You Should Always Take Photographs Of Your Rental Car

If you are in a foreign place or you are at home, and your car is out of commission perhaps in a repair shop, you may need to lease a rental car from car hire brisbane to meet your transportation needs. If you have searched the web for car rental tips, you may have come across recommendations to take photographs of your rental car. Wondering why? Continue reading this article for detailed explanations on why you should take pictures of your leased car.

Pictures freeze moments in time. By taking photographs, you will be documenting the actual state of your car at the time of leasing. If there is any damage on the inside your car, you can prove that it was there before when returning the vehicle if you have photographic proof. Photographs essentially give you peace of mind that there will be no arguments with the leasing company at the time of return.

Even the most careful and proficient drivers sometimes get involved in road accidents. If you are involved in a collision and want reimbursement for damages to the rental car from an insurance company, any photographs you had taken of the rental car before the accident will help in the assessment of the extent of damages.

It is also essential to take pictures of your car for safety purposes, especially when you are driving in a foreign area. In case of any unfortunate event, it will be easier to trace your whereabouts if people who care about you have as much information as possible on the kind of vehicle you were driving.

Top Areas To Focus On When Taking Photographic Documentation

When taking photos of your car, do not just focus on the colour of the vehicle. It is also important to remember that rental companies are not your friends. Only because they advertise that the ‘client is king’ doesn’t mean that they can not take any opportunity that avails itself to squeeze an extra buck from you.

To avoid disputes with your car leasing company and to avoid getting saddled with the cost of damages that you did not cause, focus on taking photographs of the following areas.

  1. Exterior

Carefully check all over the exterior of the car you are about to lease for scratches and dents. If you notice any damage, however small, take a photograph.

You should also take photos on the current state of tires, mirrors and aerial antenna.

  1. Interior

On the interior of the car, record the insurance details of the car and the current fuel reading. Additionally, turn the ignition on and record the displays on the engine dashboard. If the car has any engine issues before you lease it, you will have evidence should the management try to lay responsibility for repairs on your shoulders.

It is also right that you photograph the state of the car seats. If there are any stains on the seat covers already, you will be able to avoid the cleaning cost should the leasing company try to finger the blame on you.

The best thing about photographic evidence is that is it offers you protection. Ideally, you should take a combination of photos and videos before putting pen to paper on the lease papers.

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